This will be the place for the free game.

Here are the skills that will be in the game. As the game is in development these are subject to change.

List of Skills

Fighting skills

Attack Blades (Agi)
Attack Axes (Str)
Attack Piercing (Dex)
Attack Large (Str)
Attack Club (Agi)
Attack Gun (Will) (Dex)
Attack Bow (Dex)
Attack Throw (Dex)
Brawl (Agi)
Grapple (Str)
Damage resistance (Sta)
Dodge (Agi)
Parry (Dex)
Melee damage (Str)
Missile damage (Dex)
Throw damage (Str)
Will Power (Will)
Will resistance (Will)

Physical skills

Balance (Agi)
Climb (Str)
Concentration (Will)
Craft (Int or Dex)
Endurance (Sta)
Handle devices (Dex)
Fly (Agi)
Intimidate (Str)
Jump (Agi)
Listen (Sta)
Move silently (Agi)
Open lock (Dex)
Ride (Agi)
Swim (Agi)
Tumble (Agi)
Sleight of hand (Dex)

Mental skills

Bluff (Cha)
Diplomacy (Cha)
Disguise (Int)
Drive (Will)
Gather information (Cha)
Handle animal (Cha)
First aid (Int)
Hide (Will)
Knowledge (Int)
Perform (Cha)
Profession (Will)
Search (Will)
Sense motive (Will)
Speak language (Int)
Spot (Will)
Survival (Int)

Special skills

Brew Potion (Int)
Rage (Str)
Spellpower (Will)
Spellcraft (Int)
Divine power (Will)
Disrupt magic (Int)
Martial arts, Strike (Dex)
Martial arts, Kick (Agi)
Martial arts, Hold (Str)
Fire lore (Int)
Water lore (Int)
Earth lore (Int)
Air lore (Int)
Mind lore (Int)
Force lore (Int)
Astral lore (Int)
Body lore (Int)
Negative Lore (Int)
Positive lore (Int)